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Oncology Consultants Partners with Canopy

New Partnership Aims to Further Enhance Health Equity through Principal Care Management

Oncology Consultants, a multi-site, independent practice in South Texas and ONCare Alliance member, today announced a partnership with Canopy, the first Intelligent Care Platform for oncology. Through this partnership, Oncology Consultants will implement Principal Care Management (PCM) and other programs to further enhance health equity, ensuring patients have better access to high-quality care between visits to the clinic.

Oncology Consultants will replace a legacy system with Canopy’s comprehensive, EHR-integrated platform to provide advanced automation and decision support for triage staff and other departments, ultimately driving even better patient care.

“Our partnership with Canopy is a strategic step forward in our mission to provide all patients with state-of-the-art cancer treatment, even beyond the walls of the clinic. With Canopy, we are optimizing our triage processes to ensure more equitable and continuous care, all while capturing reimbursement for the quality care we already provide every day.”
—Rosa Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer, Oncology Consultants

With the Canopy Platform, nurses can efficiently manage inbound calls and remote care through a Smart Work Queue that prioritizes issues and seamlessly routes tasks across departments. Symptom-specific triage pathways support nurses in resolving issues, all while auto-documenting key information to the EHR.

Oncology Consultants will also deploy Canopy’s Program Management module to identify and prioritize eligible patients for PCM, streamline enrollment processes and care workflows for staff, and automatically capture care time for reimbursement.

Canopy recently announced new partnerships with New York Cancer & Blood Specialists, Northwest Hematology & Oncology, Pontchartrain Cancer Center, and Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois, rapidly growing its network of leading oncology practices.

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About Oncology Consultants:

Oncology Consultants (OC) is the largest independent community oncology practice in Houston. For over 40 years, we’ve been committed to delivering cutting-edge cancer treatment in a caring environment. With locations throughout South Texas, we offer a comprehensive range of services and treatments, including infusion therapy, radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy services, clinical trials, genetic testing, telemedicine, and more. For more information about our care team and services available to help overcome cancer, visit

About Canopy:

Canopy provides oncology practices with a comprehensive platform for all the care that happens between visits. Canopy’s multi-channel ePRO and remote triage system enable practices to identify and prioritize patients who need help, resolve their issues using intelligent software, and generate new reimbursement streams from high-quality care. For more information, visit