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A Platform Built for Care

Deliver continuous care to every patient, regardless of practice size.

Improve patient experience and outcomes while optimizing for practice success in today’s rapidly changing oncology landscape.

Our Platform

Canopy's Intelligent Care Platform powers an entire layer of interoperable software solutions over the EMR and Practice Management systems that enables providers to deliver higher quality care to more patients at lower cost.

Built for Care

Built for Administration

Intelligent Care Platform (ICP)
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Practice Management (PM)

Product Overview

Patient Care

Improve patient outcomes1 and quality of life through our remote monitoring solution, triage algorithms, and symptom management pathways.

ePRO Based Patient Monitoring

Deliver better patient outcomes with proactive symptom management.

Oral Oncolytics

Fulfill accreditation standards and ensure adherence through digital patient monitoring.


Drive revenue by increasing time on treatment2 and operationalizing reimbursement programs, all while simultaneously enhancing practice quality metrics.

Care Management

Capture new revenue by operationalizing programs such as CCM, PCM, TCM, RPM, and RTM.

Analytics & Insights

Leverage advanced reporting to inform strategic operational decisions.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline inbound call processes, improving task management and collaboration across departments and locations.


Improve response coordination and quality through workflow optimization.

Triage Pathways

Employ evidence-based decision support to standardize and enhance quality of care.

  1. Kolodziej M, et al. 2021. Successful implementation of an ePro remote monitoring system in patients receiving chemotherapy in a community oncology practice. ASCO.
  2. Basch E, et al. 2017. Overall survival rates of a trial assessing patient-reported outcomes for symptom monitoring during routine cancer treatment. JAMA.

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