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Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois Partners with Canopy

New Partnership Aims to Optimize Continuous Care Management

Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois (CCSI), a 22-site community oncology practice and member of the National Cancer Care Alliance (NCCA), today announced a partnership with Canopy, the first Intelligent Care Platform for oncology. Through this collaboration, CCSI aims to optimize its Principal Care Management (PCM) program and streamline continuous care management to further enhance patient outcomes.

CCSI is implementing Canopy’s comprehensive, EHR-integrated platform to streamline manual triage and care management processes. Additionally, CCSI will equip patients with Canopy’s clinically-validated ePRO tools for proactive care management between visits to the clinic.

“Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois is committed to providing every patient with personalized, comprehensive care using state-of-the-art equipment and treatment methods. Canopy is our newest technology partner to help us deliver, manage, and capture reimbursement for high-quality care that happens between office visits, allowing us to better tailor each patient's experience for the best possible outcomes."

—Rhonda Luther, Chief Operating Officer, Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois.

The Canopy Platform features ePRO-based remote monitoring for patients to report issues between office visits, as well as intelligent task management and decision support capabilities for care teams. Nurses can efficiently manage reports in a single Work Queue that intelligently prioritizes issues based on clinical urgency and enables seamless collaboration and task management across departments, all while auto-documenting key information to the EHR.

Real-world studies of Canopy’s ePRO and remote triage system show high patient engagement—88% at six months [JCO, 2022]—as well as demonstrated clinical outcomes, including an observed 22% lower rate of ER visits/hospitalizations [ASCO, 2022] and up to a 45% observed increase in treatment persistence at 3 months[ASCO, 2022].

88% ePRO engagement at 6 months¹

22% reduction in ER visits²

22%-45% increased treatment persistence at 3 months³

CCSI is also partnering with Canopy to scale its Principal Care Management (CCM/PCM) program to support continuous care efforts and other quality care initiatives. Canopy’s Program Management module intelligently prioritizes eligible patients for program enrollment while streamlining consent processes and end-to-end care workflows for staff, including automated care time capture and billing.

Canopy recently announced new partnerships with New York Cancer & Blood Specialists, Northwest Hematology & Oncology, and Pontchartrain Cancer Center, rapidly growing its network of leading oncology practices. For more information, visit

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About Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois:

Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois is dedicated to providing quality medical oncology, hematology, and radiation oncology services. With 22 locations and an excellent team of physicians and staff, we provide award winning, personalized care – close to home in Central and Southern Illinois, and St. Louis Metro East.

About Canopy:

Canopy provides oncology practices with a comprehensive platform for all the care that happens between visits. Canopy’s multi-channel ePRO and remote triage system enable practices to identify and prioritize patients who need help, resolve their issues using intelligent software, and generate new reimbursement streams from high-quality care. For more information, visit

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Authors observed a 22 percent lower rate of adverse clinical events, specifically emergency room and hospital admission.
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