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2023 in Review at Canopy

Transforming Continuous Care Management

2023 was a banner year for Canopy as we announced new partnerships, shared some can’t-miss content and publications, and continually collaborated with our customers to evolve our product. Let’s dive into some of the highlights from this year!

Growing Partnerships

We were honored to announce new partnerships with leading cancer centers nationwide, including New York Cancer & Blood Specialists, Northwest Oncology & Hematology, Hawaii Cancer Care, and Pontchartrain Cancer Center. Together with our customers, we aim to demonstrate the profound impact that partnerships between health technology and community oncology can have on patient outcomes.

“Patients undergo a multitude of experiences beyond the walls of the clinic, and it is crucial to offer continuous care to optimize their outcomes. Through Canopy, we are revolutionizing our operations to ensure seamless delivery of care and equipping patients with digitally inclusive tools. This empowers them to effectively communicate their symptoms and concerns anytime and anywhere, further enhancing their healthcare experience."

—Dr. Jeff Vacirca, CEO of New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

Buzzworthy News & Insights

Results of a multi-site Canopy study were published during the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

The study demonstrated that electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) can help identify common side effects in lung cancer patients receiving immunotherapy, both as monotherapy and in combination with chemotherapy¹.

“This study demonstrates that ePROs can provide important insights into the patient experience and help identify those who may be at risk of discontinuing treatment early." 

—Michael Kolodziej, MD, Lead Author and Head of Medical Oncology at Canopy

Key Product Enhancements

At Canopy, we actively collaborate with our customers and tailor products to their unique needs and those of an ever-changing market. This year, we saw many repeated themes throughout the community oncology space, including changes in value-based care and reimbursement, increased patient demand for remote access, and a growing need for technology that reduces the administrative burden associated with staffing shortages and burnout.

Our goal is to continuously improve care across the continuum while reducing the burden for staff, simplifying workflows, and generating new reimbursement streams from high-quality care delivery. We continuously modified the Canopy Platform to improve experiences for our users and system performance with the ultimate goal of saving time (and clicks) for hardworking care teams. 

Here are just a few of the other ways we enhanced the Canopy Platform in 2023.

Program Management

We launched new digital enrollment support for Principal and Chronic Care Management programs (PCM/CCM) so that practices can select patients for self-guided digital enrollment, helping care teams save time while reaching more patients who can benefit.

"A Principal Care Management program helps us support remote care and other quality initiatives, but any new care program is resource-intensive, especially when managed manually. That’s where Canopy comes in—a technology partner to help us work smarter, not harder.”

—Kathy Oubre, CEO, Pontchartrain Cancer Center

The Canopy ePRO

This year, we worked to make the Canopy ePRO more digitally inclusive by adding a web-based channel, ensuring more patients can enroll in the ePRO program beyond the Canopy app or IVR (interactive voice response).

We also introduced a digital enrollment feature, enabling care teams to automate enrollment protocol and enroll patients into the ePRO program, ultimately reducing time and effort for patients and care teams.

Oral Oncolytics

Canopy’s Oral Oncolytics module was also launched in Beta this year with select partners. This module drives oral oncolytic adherence while streamlining the complex pharmacy workflows associated with medication management. Integrated symptom monitoring detects dose-limiting toxicities and intelligently alerts the care team, reducing avoidable treatment discontinuations.

Triage and Remote Task Management

We continued to fine-tune our triage pathways by adding “Next Step” features, which suggest a potential next step—based on standardized practice protocol—for nurses to take when the triage pathway is complete. These features also enable practices to track interventions across patients (e.g., ER visits, MD appointments, etc.).

We also worked to make ticketing and task management more collaborative across teams with a new Notification Center, enabling users to efficiently comment on tickets and tag teammates.

FHIRⓇ-Powered Integrations

Our latest collaboration with Flatiron Health is bringing a new level of FHIR-powered interoperability, empowering practices to simplify complex workflows and help save time for hardworking clinicians. This new feature enables Canopy users to seamlessly navigate from the Patient Chart in OncoEMR to the Patient Page in Canopy, and vice versa, with a single click.

“One simple button saves me the hassle of copying and pasting information from system to system. I can work through my tasks and return patient calls faster.”

—Claribel Lascano, RN, Triage Nurse at Northwest Oncology & Hematology

An Exciting Award

Canopy Founder and CEO, Lavi Kwiatkowsky, was named a recipient of the 40 Under 40 in Cancer Award. 40 Under 40 in Cancer is an awards initiative to identify and recognize the contributions being made across the field of cancer by rising stars and emerging leaders under the age of 40 years

It's a privilege to join an esteemed group of professionals driving advancements in cancer research and care. Together, we are driving our mission forward—empowering practices to provide every patient with the best possible experience and outcomes."
—Lavi Kwiatkowsky, Canopy Founder and CEO

What's Next?

We couldn’t have achieved our 2023 goals without our customers and partners, and we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate. With 2024 already off to a strong start, we look forward to continued growth as we advance our mission to ensure care teams can provide the best possible care and experience for all people with cancer. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements to come.